At Mukwonago Animal Hospital, we specialize in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services tailored for your beloved pets.

Pets often face challenges with balance, strength, or movement, especially after certain surgeries, particularly orthopedic and neurological procedures, as well as certain injuries. Our rehabilitation therapy is designed to address these difficulties effectively.

Moreover, animals suffering from arthritis and pain encounter limitations in mobility, making tasks like moving or walking a challenge. Our rehabilitation therapy significantly aids in alleviating their discomfort and enhancing their mobility.

Each rehabilitation plan is tailored to the individual needs of your pet. In consultations with our therapists, you can outline your goals for the therapy. We’ll discuss the various therapies available, determining the best course of action to help your pet. Together, we’ll formulate a plan aimed at achieving the goals you’ve set for your pet’s recovery.

We understand that a pet’s condition can change, affecting their therapy needs. Some therapies may yield better results for certain animals, while the pace of recovery can vary. We remain adaptable, adjusting our therapeutic approaches as needed and keeping you informed about your pet’s progress.

If you have any questions or concerns about how our Rehabilitation Therapy can benefit your pet, please contact us at 262-363-4557 today.